A certified development house specializing in sustainable and modular construction concepts

Welcome to Ipart.
We are specialized in modular construction concepts with many years of experience in steel production, installation, and processing.

We design, develop, and install prefabricated gas stations etc. which are available in the entire country, and we are here to help you with your next construction concept.

At Ipart we follow your project from start to finish. We are very thorough and pay close attention to your needs and wishes. It is crucial to us that the cooperation with our customers reflects a common understanding of the project, including a common set of values.

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Development, production, & installation

Ipart has its own modern production facilities in Hammel (Eastern Jutland) with a roofed production area of 3,200 sqm.

We have our own
punching machines

EN-1090 certification
and CE mark (Machinery Directive)

We have our own
constructors and designers

Power of innovation for added value


Sustainable production

At Ipart we continuously strive for development so that we are able to meet the needs of the current and future generations, without putting the environment at risk.

We want that the environmental impact is gradually reduced and becomes measurable. We will be on this journey for a very long time to protect the resources of the Earth.


“We desire to be Northern Europe’s most attractive partner in sustainable modular construction through a smart conceptual design that creates value for all of us.”


“We create additional business for companies with access to large customer groups with transport vehicles. By understanding our customers’ needs, we offer prefabricated and scalable total solutions through strong innovative power.”